Changes to the website, 23 May 2021

made some upgrades to the website. the bandcamp & email at the bottom of the page are now actual links, there's a custom 404 page to match the rest of the site, the artist image is different, the logo is a cool gif, there's even a favicon now (i tried out a couple of different ones to see what design looked best at favicon size, if it's not a purple hand then you should clear your cache). its pretty cool

also, as it turns out keyboards are harder than i expected. i can play a forest by the cure and the evangelion opening, i'm trying to learn psycho killer by talking heads but its probably the most advanced song i could've attempted as a beginner lol


First blog post, 2 April 2021

finally got around to making this portion of the site. i recently bought a used yamaha keyboard and a usb to midi cable, so i'm playing around with it and learning to use it "properly". so whatever i release next (which will be a while, i'm not working on anything right now) will hopefully incorporate that.